2013 IBI/NBCH Health & Productivity Forum
Integrated Benefits Institute &
National Business Coalition on Health

2012 Forum Summary
February 13-15, 2012
San Francisco, California

Attendees of the Forum have exclusive access to the 2012 presentations. Post Forum, you received an email with you log-in access information. For questions, contact Ellen Thomson.

Periodically, IBI and NBCH will publish summaries of key 2012 Forum presentations. See summaries below.

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Forum Recap

This year’s Fourth Annual Forum was another great turn-out for IBI and NBCH. Employers, as well as other health care multi-stake holders, attended - often with multiple representatives.The sessions offered successful health and productivity interventions, research insights, case studies and networking opportunities in novel, interactive sessions. Comments:

Forum Recap:

  • “Very relevant information about latest insights, trends and actions taken to make healthcare more affordable and accessible”
  • “Learned new things and was challenged to think about things outside my usual area of expertise”
  • “Learned about trends, successes and emerging issues in the area of integrated disability management”
  • “Great insight into what as to what is working in the industry and what some of the major opportunity areas are”
  • “Most worthwhile event I’ve attended in years”
  • “Very well done, great topics”


  • “Networking was fantastic”
  • “Ample time during receptions to mingle with attendees”
  • “Wonderful networking opportunities”
  • “Great networking in the evenings and break times to connect with others”


  • “Very high caliber, organized speakers”
  • “I particularly took away from this conference the significance of relevant communication with CFOs, business units and employees”
  • “Excellent case studies and expert speakers”
  • “Focused on the right issues employers are dealing with-increased benefits cost and measurement for outcomes”
  • “Nice mix of content-specific, results-oriented presentations and more theoretical, future-looking keynotes

IBI/NBCH Healthy Workforce Productivity Award

Saint Luke’s Health System was honored with the 2012 Healthy Workforce Productivity Award sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, Health Care Systems, Inc. The award recognizes leadership in the area of health and productivity and honors an employer that has worked with its employees to develop, implement and measure an innovative health and productivity initiative.

In 2009, Saint Luke’s restructured its health and wellness program to better engage employees with their primary care physicians. Saint Luke’s eliminated on-site screenings and provided incentives to encourage employees to see their primary care physician for screening based on national preventive guidelines and for individualized counseling. A Wellness Advisory Team, including front-line employees, suggests improvements after reviewing communications, data and strategies.

Case Studies Featuring 2012 Forum Presentations

Lincoln Industries' Wellness Program: ROI Through Innovative Programs, Aligning Incentives and Recognizing Achievement
Synopsis: Lincoln Industries' Wellness Program demonstrates how a culture of health can become a key driver in a successful high-performance manufacturing organization. After a decade of incremental development, the initiative has all the components of a showcase program. Although the key factor motivating upper management support has always been employee welfare, the Wellness Program showed a 5-to-1 return on investment in 2011, even after most "low-hanging fruit" cost saving had already been achieved.

Providing a Certified Patient-Centered Medical Home in an Onsite Clinic: Lessons from an Ambitious Project at GE Aviation
Synopsis: Showing the versatility of onsite clinics, GE Aviation used its large, well-staffed clinic as the starting point in creating a prevention-oriented Health & Wellness Center. This patient-centered medical home, managed by a leading local provider organization, is more than a showcase for corporate wellness. It's also a large dose of empowerment for an aging employee population weighed down by chronic conditions. This higher-risk population needs health literacy and treatment compliance to succeed in a high-deductible health plan designed for engaged and proactive consumers. With supplemental business level funding, GE Aviation has made a major down payment on its goal of bringing medical cost inflation down to sustainable levels comparable to the consumer price index.

Expanded Health Care Social Media Opens New Health & Productivity Management Options for Employers
Synopsis: Employers have many concerns as they consider ways to build powerful new internet and social media tools into health and productivity programs. Employers must estimate whether a critical mass of the employee population has the ability to use various programs and features, especially in the case of more sophisticated or expensive tools. Many internet and social media health tools have their own independent platforms, forcing employers to weigh the benefits of employer control vs. high engagement in a personalized program. Health outcomes and return on investment are still spotty at best, but many tools have free versions, making that question less important. 

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