Community Health Partnerships

Cooperative Agreement with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CCHI's five-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the Community Health Partnerships Project, is an ambitious undertaking that seeks to strengthen existing relationships and catalyze new partnerships between NBCH member coalitions and state and local public health agencies across the United States.

The public health and business sectors share a common interest in improving population health. The employer community, represented by NBCH member purchaser-led coalitions, and the public health community are natural partners with aligned interests. For employers, improving workforce health and productivity is a critical competitive asset. By investing and improving the health of the community, companies can benefit from reduced workforce illness which relieves pressure on direct and indirect operating costs and can draw from a healthier workforce pool.

Major areas of focus include:

Community resources and policies with the focus on mobilization of community resources that meet the needs of employees, families and retirees. Activities include developing an inventory of business-public health collaborations, creating "matches" at the community level between business coalitions and public health, and providing leadership support for local collaborations.

Decision support tools that promote health care that are consistent with scientific evidence as well as employee, family, and retiree preferences. These activities are designed to focus on expanded use of both the tools as well as resulting information from eValue8. These include: assessment of the feasibility of using Medicaid programs to use eValue8, expansion of public health and public purchaser understanding of the value associated with eValue8, and assessment of the potential for a "gap calculator" to identify the costs associated with poor health care quality.

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Health care services that are aimed at preventing complications of existing diseases, or preventing the occurrence of a disease. Recommended services may vary by age and gender. Examples of preventive services include physical exams, immunizations and certain cancer screenings.