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Case Studies

I. Case Studies

If possible, designate case studies as coalition or employers, published or new


Value Based Benefit Design- Jan Berger and Mary Beth Buccholz


Central Florida Health Care Coalition - Interview with Becky J. Cherney, President and CEO

Employers Health Purchasing Corporation of Ohio Interview with Christopher V. Goff, President and CEO

Mid America Coalition on Health Care William L. Bruning, President (awaiting confirmation)

Dallas/Fort Worth Business Group on Health Marianne Fazen, Executive Director (awaiting confirmation)

Colorado Business Group on Health Donna Marshall, Executive Director (awaiting confirmation)


Kraft Foods Jan Coons, Senior Manager, Integrated Health

Pitney Bowes Dr. Jack Mahoney, former Corporate Medical Director

P & G Sandra Morris, Vice President, Benefits

Polk County, Florida Mike Kushner, Risk Management Director of Polk County


Gulf Stream Aerospace Robert Holben, Director of Compensation and Benefits (retired)

Marriott Corporation Jill Berger, Vice President, Health and Wellness (awaiting confirmation)