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National Business Coalition on Health Elects New Board Leadership

WASHINGTON – August 5, 2016 The National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH), a non-profit organization of business health coalitions, representing more than 12,000 purchasers and 41 million Americans, announced its slate of new officers for the Board of Governors. Officers are elected by their board peers based on proven leadership and commitment to NBCH, as well as their efforts to advance and strengthen value-based purchasing strategies.
“Improving the quality and cost of care and ultimately health and well-being in our country requires the collective action of coalitions and employers,” said Mike Thompson, NBCH president and CEO. “Each of our member coalitions is doing extraordinary things in their local markets and the combined strength of these efforts through their work with NBCH plays a critical role in improving our health care system. This board of coalition leaders is instrumental in shaping our national efforts.” 
At-Large Representatives newly elected to the NBCH Board of Governors include:
  • Lisa Ellington, CEO, South Carolina Business Coalition on Health
  • Troy Ross, President & CEO, Mid-America Coalition on Health Care
  • Chris Skisak, Executive Director, Houston Business Coalition on Health
Elected executive committee and members continuing their board terms include:
  • Chair, Karen van Caulil, President and CEO, Florida Health Care Coalition
  • Vice Chair, Gaye Fortner, CEO, HealthCare 21 Business Coalition
  • Secretary-Treasurer, Neil Goldfarb, President and CEO, Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health
  • Representative, Larry Boress, President & CEO, Midwest Business Group on Health
  • Representative, Jessica Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, Pittsburgh Business Group on Health
  • Representative, Beverly Helkey, Executive Director, Tri-State Health Care Coalition
  • Representative, Anne Ladd, CEO, Wyoming Business Coalition on Health (elected to a second term)
  • Representative, Laurel Pickering, President and CEO, Northeast Business Group on Health
  • Representative, Cristie Upshaw Travis, CEO, Memphis Business Group on Health
About the National Business Coalition on Health
NBCH is a national nonprofit alliance of business health coalitions, representing more than 12,000 purchasers and 41 million Americans. NBCH and its members are dedicated to leading improvements in, health, well-being and value-based purchasing of health care services through the collective action of public and private purchasers. The organization seeks to accelerate the nation’s progress toward safe, efficient, high-quality health care and the improved health status of the American population. www.nbch.org

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