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Creating Healthy Communities:
An Engagement Tool

Health at work & in the community is tightly linked

Many factors - including not only health behaviors and health care, but also social economic factors and the physical environment – affect how long and how well people live. As a result, not only can efforts to improve the health of an employed population affect a community, but the condition of that community and community-level initiatives influence health in the worksite in return. Unhealthy communities can compromise employer investments to improve employee health and productivity and present an economic barrier to product consumption and economic investments. A healthy community, on the other hand, may be more desirable to live and work and therefore, good for business.

NBCH tool helps business sector initiate conversations & partnerships in community

For several years, the National Business Coalition on Health (NBCH) has facilitated engagement between employers and community stakeholders in population health improvement strategies. NBCH has supported community health grant projects, provided technical assistance, and developed educational materials for business coalitions and partners.

This new engagement tool helps coalitions partner with local employers and other stakeholders to improve health in their communities. It includes:
  • Assessment of an employer’s priorities and why they might want to participate in community-level health improvement activities
  • Results from the County Health Rankings, ranked by local opportunities for improvement relative to the national average
  • Potential next steps and resources
  • Employer case studies
  • Framework for financial impact analysis and calculator


Using the County Health Rankings:
Coalition Examples and Tools

May 21, 2015


This webinar focused on coalition use of the County Health Rankings. Cristie Travis, CEO of the Memphis Business Group on Health, provided examples of how she's used the Rankings and supporting resources with employers and other stakeholders in her market. Guy D'Andrea, Managing Partner of Discern Health, presented NBCH's newly-developed community health toolkit, which uses the Rankings to help coalitions engage with employers and others on this topic.

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Please contact us at 
aherr@nbch.org for more information.

Community Engagement Tool Overview

This project was conducted with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's County Health Rankings and Roadmaps Program. The tool was developed by Discern Health.

October 2015